About Me: The Basics

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. My whole family of origin moved west and I kind of stayed in the middle of the country, with my husband and son. I have a bachelor's degree in linguistics from Brooklyn College, some graduate work in classical languages under my belt from Indiana University and a masters in library and information management from Emporia State University. I have worked in factories and offices, libraries and radio stations.

My hobbies:
I love baseball. There, I've said it. Baseball, America's pastime. And the Kansas City Royals, especially.

I wish I could say I love to exercise, but the truth is, I am not always motivated, although the endorphins are always great. Almost as good as a cup of good coffee. Nevertheless, I believe that exercise is good for you, and doing a little every day (or on a regular basis), will garner huge benefits down the road.

I love to listen to all kinds of music. I love to travel. I especially love taking road trips with my husband and son, where we listen to...all kinds of music. Win-win!

When I'm not writing, I'm spending too much time on Facebook or playing the one game I play, a browser game: Nile Online.  Or I try to refurbish my playlists, to honor the Royals. And if I make it danceable, that's exercise too, so it's win-win-win!!!

Mostly, when I'm not writing or working at a day job, I love to read. I often promise myself something fun to read--and not online--after I accomplish some writing. I am looking forward to dipping into some fiction when this post is over.

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