Wednesday, March 30, 2016

This Is My Brain On Baseball

I'm working hard on a website that is more focused on baseball. But for now, I'll blog here and hope people find it and like what they read.

Last year, I followed every Royals game--either online,  with alerts, on TV or in person. I confronted the duality of my nature: Could I root for both the New York Mets, the team of my ancestral home and family heritage AND the Kansas City Royals, the team that captured my heart in 2014?

Could I stay above the fray, channeling the serenity of a Zen master and feel happy no matter who won the World Series or even a single game? After all, I was happy throughout the regular season  when the Mets would win. I was thrilled to see their numbers equal the Royals. I foolishly made a prediction--maybe on Facebook, maybe in this blog that the Royals and the Mets would meet in the World Series.  What was so foolish? I called it! I shoulda put money on it!!!

In fact, I could not stay objective. I admired some things about the Mets, but there was something about the team that felt off to me. I realized that--no, this bunch was not the storied 1969 Mets or even the 1986 Mets of legend. That Daniel Murphy's sudden streak of home runs was bound to end. That David Wright's spinal stenosis would slow him down (heck, I have spinal stenosis and it slows a ME down!). That Yoenis Cespedes was not all that great despite how I'd heard he'd revitalized the Mets's clubhouse. And that Noah Syndegaard displayed hooliganish and weak behavior--worthy of early 2015 Yordano Ventura--but nothing to love about the 2015 Mets.

Love changes everything: the way you look at baseball even. I suppose if I'd never left New York,  I'd be cursing the Royals and hoping that Opening Day provoked some bench-clearing brawls, with Matt Harvey well above the fray. 

But I fell in love with the Royals. Don't quite understand it to this day. The Mets seem like a team to feel sorry for. And feeling sorry is not the same as love.

Sorry not sorry, Mets. Play any other team and I'll root for you. Play my Royals and you're dead to me.