Wednesday, April 02, 2014

The Wall of No

I worked with Valerie Liberty briefly on some issues that I felt I needed to work on.  One of the things we identified and named was something called "The Wall of No."
To me, it was like an impassable obstacle made up of the echoes of people who never expressed confidence in me: family, teachers, lovers.  Voices I'd internalize that seemed to rule--and fuck with my decision-making process. 

Envisioning a Wall of No was helpful. I could climb over it, go around it or blast a hole through it (my favorite) and watch it crumble. Amazing how it rebuilds itself!

So I am dealing with the inevitable: rejection. Yes, my wonderful work has been rejected by a wonderful journal.  I'm letting myself indulge in a tiny moment of doubt, but after that, get back to work as if I was the most brash and confident poet in the world!

My schedule has me blogging tonight and here I am.

Here's Montana Skies, fantastic cello and guitar duo with Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall."