Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Post NaNo Doldrums

Happy Hanukkah, a Blessed Yuletide and Merry Christmas to all reading this...


I finished my NaNo novel this year at a record (for me) 62,019 words (okay, NaNo's word counters shaved 3 words off, but still...) and I was pretty happy with it and anxious to work on it some more.

Truly, I was anxious to work on it some more. I did not think, "Once more a pile of dreck in 50,000 words!"
I thought, here's something I could work with.

I am doing anything but working on it.

For instance, right now I'm blogging.

Earlier today I was making a deposit, paying bills and running errands. Anything but writing.

So, if you are a writer and you have any suggestions about how to apply that darn chair glue and sit and write now that the month of November is over, please let me know.