Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hallelujah, I'm A Democrat Again!

I caucused tonight. In Kansas, there is no primary.
So we caucused and I reregistered as a Democrat.
I had registered as a Republican a few years ago to vote in a school board election primary. Believe me, it was the only sane thing to do at the time.
Well, it just seemed more important this time around to be another Kansas Democrat.

Anyway, we stood outside in the cold for about an hour. My toes froze. We ran into one of my spouse's colleagues and then one of mine. We stood outside and filled out our registration forms, or re-registration forms and I ran into some more people I know--which is a hazard of being a public librarian and being involved in lots of stuff like the gym and Jewish community here.

It's a tiny little world.

And we complained about how we'd be getting chilblains, standing outside in the cold and wet. Like they might have in Little House on the Prairie.

There were more folks for Obama than for Clinton, but there was even a tiny table for Edwards.

Go Super Tuesday!

It's now Super Wednesday--and just a couple of other things I want to note:
We were behind this tall, handsome guy and his daughter. At one point, he's talking into his cell phone and saying "we need crowd control...yeah, people don't know where to go or where to park...we need help with the traffic"

And lo and behold--police appear.

So, who was this masked man?

I saw tons of library patrons. And at the library, we got tons of calls about the Caucus. Tried to be even-handed and let people know the Republicans were caucusing on Saturday, but lots of people kept saying, "I want to switch. Can I do that at the caucus?"

Yes. Really easily.

Today, it's snowing a bit. Not the storm we expected, but enough to cancel school and the community center classes (waaah, no push-ups for me this morning!).

And Obama won Kansas.

Same Old, Same Old

How disappointing the Newbery award choice can be.
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