Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Go Homer!

I periodically Google various people from my past. One of them is my college chemistry professor, Homer Jacobson,.

Well, for years, what's been appearing are site after site of creationist propaganda, using an article he wrote as proof against evolution.

I Googled tonight and finally read in the Times, that Homer has refuted the article.

Two things I wonder about. One, all these years of Googling and it never occurred to Homer to refute until now? I mean the Internet has been around for over ten years now and he's a scientist! And with all the creationist stuff floating around, I thought for sure he'd be ticked at it.

Unless he really was a creationist.

And that would have created a lot of cognitive dissonance in me to know that.

And why now? I guess Times articles and blogs linking to them are finally getting into Google.

And then, shoot, I get NY Times headlines. Why didn't I read this back when it was first published?

oh well. The hazards of Googling people from the past.