Sunday, August 12, 2007

Up a Lazy River

My first attempt to use the movie setting of my digital camera. And the obligatory post on Youtube.
That's my son at WaTiki Waterpark, just east of Rapid City, South Dakota.

We had a great time visiting the Black Hills area.

Yesterday on our way out of Custer, we visited the Cosmos Mystery Area, stopped at the Reptile Gardens once more to buy a couple of t-shirts, drove through and stopped often to look in wonder at the Badlands National Park and finally the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD.

In the Badlands, we learned it was something like 109 degrees and no shade, so every time we got out of the car to photograph something--like the incredible rock formations or the prairie dogs, we needed water once we got back in the car. We didn't have the energy to stop at the Fossil Park area of the Badlands and look for arrowheads or trilobites or anything.

The highlights of the trip:
Osc: the Waterpark and eating out. Our motel room in Custer.
Spouse: Badlands? Rushmore? Crazy Horse Memorial? Reptile Gardens, of course because of personal history.
Me: Reptile Gardens. Hmmm. Badlands--were immensely impressive. Rushmore, more fun and interesting than I'd thought it would be. I think it helped that we went on a gray, cool, rainy morning. Fewer people.
The Crazy Horse Memorialwas very impressive and immensely touching. IMHO, the US Government should foot the bill, but the family that started it wants it to be independent of government sources. IMHO, paying for it would be some (very) small way of making reparation for the great loss to the Native community of its lands and its way of life.

Monday, August 06, 2007

The Errors of My Ways

I've been looking at a book by Ruth King. Looking at = reading it in bits and pieces. It's called The Ugly Truth About Managing People. I guess Management isn't exactly what I'd hoped or expected. In some ways, it is: I get to be a go-to person when things go wrong or need some adjustment.

In some ways, being the go-to person or the adjuster isn't all it's cracked up to be. For instance, I got called out on the 4th of July because our alarm went off and the police were in the building.

I've had to deal with some sensitive personnel issues. I've had to see how I was making grave errors and hope that I can work on changing the aspects of myself that will easily fall into these errors.

I am watchful and this watchfulness robs me of the joy I got in the spontaneity of library life. It's always something different in a public library and I like that. I am for the most part a positive person, but this stuff sent me into an emotional tailspin.

So I wonder, are there any other managers out there who've done what I have and what did they do to make it better for themselves? Or am I in the wrong place? Do I need more time just at the desk, not being too responsible?

It's past my 6 month probationary period, and there's a lot of good, so I'm staying put for now, but I wonder, wonder, wonder...

Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Library as Public Utility

Today, someone wanted to know where an outlet was so he could charge his cell phone.

What do we say? "No--use your own electricity, dammit?"

No, we don't say that. We say yes.
We have one outlet up here at our old branch--only one that's available and in a comfy enough position.

Public Utility Number One.

Grover (I think it was Grover) was right.