Sunday, August 20, 2006

Cancer and Shallowness

My friend Miriam Engelberg wrote a book,Cancer Made Me A Shallower Person. It's a compilation of her cartoons that she drew about coming to terms with a cancer diagnosis. When she first started the book, she was in remission.

Now her cancer has returned, metasthesized in her liver, bones & brain. Recently in her blog, she wrote about getting at-home hospice. Making sure she's got TV is a major consideration...

I can't bear to think about losing her. I met her through my brother Paul, who teaches math at the University of San Francisco. He met Miriam in Alta Plaza Park one day--they had their kids with them. She is such a witty and thoughtful person, always able to see the humor in the little annoyances in life.

Did I tell you that I hate cancer? My spouse has leukemia--well, he's in remission but who knows, it could flare up at any time, overwhelming the powerful meds he's on. Miriam's cartoons made so much sense in their bitter funniness. Reading them is like biting into a bittersweet chocolate with a wasabi center.

It can really cleanse your palate.

Honestly I don't know what else to say. Go buy her book and laugh, cry and shake your fists at cancer, which she says is scarier than any scary movie.