Wednesday, August 31, 2005

On Disney Movies

On the hypnotic power of watching Disney movies over and over again--I start to analyze them as if they were a literary phenomenon and I'm writing a paper to impress my instructor...
It started with watching The Lion King over and over (first in theaters, then when the video came out...hoo boy!). Because my son wanted to watch it over and over again.

When I was a little over 2 and my mom was nearly done being pregnant with my little brother, we went to see Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty. That movie was a major influence in my thoughts and dreams from then on. Maleficent, the witch became my arch-nemesis. I modeled all my fantasies about the fight between good and evil as if it were Me vs. Maleficent.

I love the colors in that movie, the music and the story. So in some ways, that's my favorite.

(another major influence in my childhood fantasy life was the musical Peter Pan, shown on TV a few times in the late 50s/very early 60s--but since it's not Disney, I'll go into it some other time.)

But in recent times I've enjoyed Monsters, Inc. There are very few false notes in it to me. It's got tension between friends, a way to differentiate between good monsters and bad monsters. It's got cool music, too. The opening graphics are very lively.

Of course, the deliberate scaring of children in their bedrooms might be seen as creepy, harkening to child abuse. The solution to the monsters' energy problem, though is wonderful!

I'm deliberately being vague in case anyone reading hasn't seen Monsters, Inc. and intends to.