Thursday, September 03, 2015

Anatomy of a Fan, part I

I've been meaning to get to this for some time now.
What is it like to be a fan, a real fan of something, at last?

Facebook fan groups are plentiful. And when the 2014 season finished, I wanted to know more about the Royals. What were their backstories? Where did they come from? Are they married? Single? Do they need an adoring older lady auntie?

I joined a group who called themselves "Diehard Fans" and promised not to cuss or diss other members and I asked questions showing what a newbie to the Royals and baseball I was. Got answers. Some snarky. I wanted to prove I wasn't a bandwagon fan.

Anyway, some of us met for a lunch shortly after Opening Day this year. Then we made plans to attend a game together.

So the first thing a fan gets is not just the ability to yell "MOOOOOSE" at a game and mean it. Fandom means solidarity with other fans. To be a fan is to be a member of a community. An intense community. A committed community.

My fellow fans and I have learned a bit about each of our lives. We've learned who loves dogs, who prefers cats, what someone thinks about Rex Hudler, the Color Commentator for Fox Sports KC.

We got to know who can handle watching a player slump into bad numbers (high for pitchers, low for hitters )and who can't! Who knows how to read the stats (not me!) and who has to read Lee Judge before she can say anything resembling an intelligent remark on Facebook? (ummm. Me, that's who)

The point of this is, I fit in--even if I fit in shakily--especially, if I mention that I also love...the New York Mets. I'll say more about this in an upcoming post.

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