Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Dusting off those cobwebs, again!

Since it has been so long, too long really, since I've posted here, I will not do a Facebook "lookback" at all the highlights of the nearly-two years during which I've not blogged. Suffice it to say there were highlights, but it was the lowlights that kept me away.

I will just say that I'm working hard at writing, taking a poetry workshop with Denise Low-Weso, for one thing. Starting to submit my work for another.

And with that comes exciting news. The I-70 Review is publishing one of my poems, publication date will be this coming fall, with a Release Party and Reading on September 26th at The Writers Place.

It will be the first poem I've published in an actual ink-on-paper magazine since...maybe high school. Of course I've published some poetry here, and I'm hoping that I can work on some of them, revise them and see what happens.

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