Monday, June 04, 2012

4 Tips to Help You Make Your Life Your Own

Hello. It's been a long time.  I've been dealing with: paperwork for my son and moving my mother to an assisted-living Memory Care unit. My brother bears most of the burden for my mom, but since it involves my traveling, I feel I have not been present in my own life!

It has been easier to catch up on Facebook than it has to sit and think things out thoughtfully.

But I'm getting back to it and I'd like to offer some tips on getting back to who you are.

Tip 1: Wake up on your own terms.  This is very important. When you wake up just so you can get to work on time, the day belongs to someone else (your boss!). Take an hour, half an hour, 15 minutes, whatever to get up and do something just for yourself.

Tip 2: Morning Pages:  I've written about them before and I am utterly convinced that writing Morning Pages is a life-changing tool. I've also written earlier that I am not slavish to the 3-page total.  What does the action of physically taking pen to paper do for me? It's exercise! It gets blood flowing to the brain. Even though much of it is stream of consciousness, it takes a little bit of thought to get those words out. It brings me back to myself.

Tip 3: Take a walk. Or do any other physical exercise. For yourself. I think of this video as a motivator in a very positive way. 

Tip 4: This is something I like to do, but often forget and it's key: Take time before sleep to write down a few things you did that day. What you accomplished, what you have left over to do, but don't be judgmental. Just make a little list and breathe deeply. Julia Cameron calls something like this a "Ta-Dah" List. 
Your day is over, your very own day and you get to do it again, even better, tomorrow.


Wyoming Diva said...

Thanks for the motivation, Eri!!

Lubna said...

I love tip 4. I mean, if I can make 'to do' lists for the week for the day, I should also make, 'the done it' list and feel good about a job well done or jot down learnings if a job could have been done better.

Anonymous said...

I've had the same over-the-top fall although lots of "good" stuff - a poetry ms. to get ready for publication; a film to work on; a new class to teach; a grandson home for a week. But nonetheless, over-full. I've been doing "morning pages" for many years and that more than anything has kept me sane! But no writing time (haven't posted a blog since mid-October!!) But now I have time to reach out. Say thanks. These tips are valuable. Hope your year-ending is more reasonable, too. Janet