Tuesday, May 01, 2012

National Museum of Wildlife Art

Cathy Petrick, guest blogger for the National Museum of Wildlife Art says so much about art in her short piece. I'll quote:
"It strikes me that whenever we view wildlife art, the artist is recreating for us that moment of surprise. This painting provides another kind of jolt: as the photographer’s camera focuses on the bears, it simultaneously points at us. As we observe the artist through his art, he is also watching us."
Isn't it the same when you read an evocative poem or short story? Isn't the author often creating something he or she knows will jolt the reader? I don't really know that my "dear reader" is sitting there next to me (maybe chatting up my "not-so-dear inner editor").

But I like to think that someone other than myself will be reading my words.

And I'd like to read more of Cathy's some day.

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cathy_petrick@yahoo.com said...

Hey, thanks! I absolutely agree: in poem or short story, too, the writer says "do you see it?" "do you feel it?" "can I share this with you?"