Friday, April 13, 2012

The Woman Who Is Not Me

I saw this woman. She raises money for the Arts.

This woman
is not like me, although I like the Arts.

I can hear her cheery voice asking me for donations
to a cause I believe in
but I don’t believe in her.
She carries one of those purses
in a new color with lots of bangles on it.

Where does she go, where does she take that purse
with its shiny zippers, a place for each of her iThings?
I can tell from here that it’s genuine leather
but the lining is some kind of satin stamped with images of pencils
so it will always look more full
than it is.

She does not shop where she’d find art books
or even art clothes.

Would they hire me to ask for money?
I would mostly work from home in my second hand clothes,
slacks with the wide elastic bands around the waist.

I would warn the people with money that the state, the city
will not fund that collection of Chinese vases
or the transportation fees to get that Rothko over here for a spell.

I would probably not make a lot of money for the Arts
but I would spend each morning
in a different gallery

One day she will grow old
and see how much more important comfort and art are
than looking good in the right place
at the right time.

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