Monday, March 26, 2012

Paving Paradise

From the New York Times today: When a parking lot is so much more:
So, what do you think? The author notes how often parking lots are "found spaces", where Farmers Markets, skateboarding and just hanging out happen. I have to admit that parking lots are my least favorite civic/private spaces. When I have to walk across one to get somewhere, it's just annoying that it's usually so ugly.
I like the idea of having a solar canopy over them, but probably birds would roost and your cars would get poop on them. The same with planting trees throughout, which would be really cool. Imagine a parking lot that was more like a car park (as they say in the UK). And not caring that your car got hit by bird poop.  Wouldn't it be nice to run your errands and come back to a car that had been sitting in the shade?

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