Friday, March 30, 2012


If you've been wanting something else to hate Facebook for, maybe this is it. Feminist blogger and friend, Tsipi Erann was blocked from accessing aspects of her account because an automated photograph sensor took umbrage at an image she posted.
Now mind you, this is a robot, checking images for whatever FB deems unseemly.
Erann explained the image: It was an expression of outrage--a thoughtful and measured expression of outrage--at the exclusionist behavior of the Israel Gay Pride committee.
Their white, male notion--to put together a parade based on Israel's independence was calculated to leave out the women, the transgendered and the non-Jewish Israelis.
What kind of togetherness could this possibly bring about?

Anyway, here's the link to Femina Invicta, where she posts the pic in question.

Frankly, I've seen more offensive stuff on FB and the scary thing is that it was an automated bot that did this, not someone reading the post or the words.

What if the bot just looks at Hebrew letters (or Arabic letters) and assumes there might be something fishy there?

What? So nu? Now I'm paranoid?

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