Monday, March 26, 2012

Morning Pages

If you have been writing or an artist and struggling with it, you may have come across Julia Cameron's fine book, The Artist's Way.  It's like a 12-week, 12-step program to help you unblock your creativity.
One of its main tools is the Morning Pages. essentially 3 pages of writing, first thing in the morning, stream of consciousness, just-keep-your-pen-moving-on-the-page sort of writing. I've used it in the past, but have felt guilty that at times I could not do the 3 effing pages.

Three whole pages.

And 8.5" by 11", too. Not some wimpy little journal with 8.5" by 7" or 5". uh uh. no way. Cameron, (so I've heard) says, "Little pages, little thoughts. Big pages, big thoughts!"

Or maybe I'm thinking of someone else, but I got scared to write on those big grown-up sheets of paper.

I could use wide-ruled.
I hate wide-ruled paper. So no. That was not an option.

Also, there are 2 things I have to do after I get up in the morning (that is, after I pee). One is attend to the cat: pour food out, get him some clean water and let him out. Or in. He's a cat, after all and I'm his servant the moment he hears me moving about in the morning.

The other thing I have to do is make coffee.  So that I can drink it and not throw things at the cat or any other beings that come my way.

And to top it all off, at least 3 mornings a week, I'm up before God in order to get to work. 4:15 AM is when the alarm goes off.

How in the world could I find time to write Morning Pages if I'm up so freaking early, attending to His Majesty and brewing coffee for myself?

The answer: time.  Instead of insisting on 3 pages, I insist on a time limit. By the time 5 AM rolls around, I have to pack my lunch, pee one more time and kiss my husband goodbye (while he's still asleep, no mean feat that). So I sit and write while the coffee brews, the cat nibbles and the rest of my household slumbers.  I usually get 2 pages (8.5 x 11) done and I feel satisfied that I have at least written a little something.

Oh, and remind me to tell you sometimes about how just doing this little bit of writing in the morning saved my life. Again.


CDL said...

I bought that book last year and haven't started. The morning pages are very daunting for me - I'm not a writer. I have started a more art related online class called create daily which I have renamed create every three days. For similar reasons.
Thanks for sharing your way to do morning pages. It will help me when I start them.
In my own way, I'm doing this to save my life, or at least my sanity, too.

Eri said...

Thank you for telling me!
Sanity=Life! Let's save it while we have it.