Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The Anti-Rush... here at the Daily Rhyme. Scott Emmons dishes it out to that maggot-puke-for-brains, that sorry excuse for a public figure, Rush Limbaugh. Can we call for a prayer to end our misery and have the Gods take Rush to his final reward? Or is that just nasty of me to say?


Bob said...

We must learn to forgive and forget. I've already forgiven him for being an Oxycontin addict after he said all addicts should receive life in prison. I've forgiven and forgotten.

Now I must add the "She's a slut and prostitute" because he apologized (sort of) and time will make me forget.

It seems that these right-wing assholes (please forgive me and forget I said that) can say anything as long as they follow it with "I sorta sorry." In their world the apology negates every mean, hateful thing they've said, but in the real world it never goes away.

Now the Speaker of the House has said that Rush Limbaugh's head (we can only hope it's the real one) will go on display in the Capitol rotunda among great Missiourians like Harry Truman, Mark Twain, and...oh, is that Rush next to John Ashcroft? John Ashcroft? Who put that dumbass's bust in the rotunda? Great Missourians? I may have to leave my home state if this trend continues.

Eri said...

I know...I usually don't like to be extra mean to public figures who are just asking for it, being the public figures that they are. Now I'm going to have to check and see if there are any female Missourians of note in the Capitol's rotunda. I'm thinking why would they even want to have their busts next to the likes of Ashcroft and Limbaugh!

I have forgiven you, but NOT forgotten you, Bob, how's that?