Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Excerpt & 2600+

Here's an excerpt from the first or second chapter. As you can see it's very rough.

Vera awakened at the nightmare hour: a short time after four in the morning and well before the eastern sky would gray itself awake. She could feel the leaden, lowering sky in her head. A shrill bark from a neighbor’s dog pierced her brain and seemed to draw a raging force through her left temple.
She hadn’t had that much wine, had she?

Thirty days to a new Vera and already she had to call in sick with a migraine. Lucky Kay would understand because she got them herself. Vera rolled herself gently to the edge of the bed, trying not to move her head. No good. Her stomach began to push waves up through her throat. Toilet. Now.

She made it, retched and sank to the floor as the pain in her head became volcanic. She felt as if she could not leave the bathroom for any time. She pressed her forehead to the cool tile floor as tears squeezed out of her eyes and her sinuses swelled. Nothing was going right. The unforgettable images of the bad movie that was her life kept scrolling through her thoughts: the thing that had happened when she was four; how their family moved right after that; how she’d never fit in at any school, or work and finally how the child’s balloon had risen to the ceiling, popped and began to pop all her dreams for the stable, quiet life she craved.
Vera pushed herself up to a sitting position. Her stomach seemed settled for now. She moistened a washcloth with cool water, sprinkled a little lavender onto the cloth and patted her face with it. The scent and chill revived her a little and she went into her kitchen to make some coffee. She used a stovetop Moka for her coffee, and a very dark roast. She was not about to grind any fresh right now, though. Especially when she knew the sound would tear up every cell in her body. Fortunately, she had some she’d ground yesterday. Enough for a double.
While she waited for the coffee, she dialed Kay’s home number. Kay would probably be annoyed, especially if she had a migraine herself. Nothing drew sympathy more than seeing a fellow migraineuse in the throes...

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