Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Shanah Tovah! It's wrestling time!

I have just started teaching at my synagogue, Kol Ami. This teaching thing is a volunteer deal (I could get a break on synagogue membership, but the synagogue needs the money more), but will give me experience and get me back into doing something I loved...oh about 9 years ago. It will also help me hone my own views about god, gods, no-god etc. And I find teaching Bible stories a good way to let people know that there are more than one way to see things. Unlike most Conservative and Orthodox Jews, I do not believe that the words of the Torah are set in stone (so to speak), but whatever's there that has shaped the lives of Jews throughout the ages is important to read, to learn so that we can keep engaging with the concepts.

I find that I cannot and do not want to escape it: I am Jewish. For good or ill, it's a large part of what shapes me...especially since when I was younger and wanted to know more, my family kept me in the dark (Mom: we can't afford to send you to religious school or synagogue; Grandpa: we'll send your brother, but not you, because it's not for girls).

Therefore, it's tied to my identity as woman, because, who are they to deny me what I want to know? And to my life as a librarian, because I believe everyone should have access to the knowledge they desire. Because when you know stuff, you enrich yourself in ways that can never be taken from you.

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Bob said...

Eri, would love to have a chat with you about your relationship to your religion. Mine has changed over time and I find myself now in a place without a religion, but a strong spiritual belief. Would be interested to know more.

The thing about women in Judaism or Christianism is so foreign to me even though I grew up in a church where the men outwardly controlled everything, but we all knew it was the women who made the church run.