Monday, October 31, 2011

Pre-NaNo Warm-up

Vera Kalman is working on the food truck Destiny's Sammies when an inspiration comes to her. As she writes it it gets lodged in between in the sandwich Samuel Rosavsky III has ordered (skinless & boneless sardines mashed with a little mayo & mustard, tomato, lettuce, onion between two slices of lightly toasted rye). She has to follow him in order to get it back, and if she does, will she still have her job with Destiny?

Will she still want it?
What was on that piece of paper?
Was it a menu?

Rice and beans. Hot sauce
The green kind: habanero
Tortilla. Eggs. Grits.

Tzatziki. Hummus.
Kotopoulo patates.
Baklava. Kafe.

Ground chuck for chili,
Meatloaf with barbecue sauce
Vegan nut loaf too.

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