Sunday, October 23, 2011

National Novel Writing Month 2011

National Novel Writing Month is coming up in just 8.5 days.
About a month ago, I was feeling do I want to do it? What am I going to write? Last year's novel was full of gruesome stuff...what do I want to do to challenge myself this year, if anything?
And since I seem to be writing lots of poetry, why should I write a novel?
Then I started reading the NaNoWriMo local forum. Friends are getting excited about it, and it's just catchy. Like the flu (by the way, did you get your shot yet?).
So I'm looking for ideas for my NaNo novel.

(1) Poet drives a food truck by day, burns food while distractedly writing about the beauty of her/his cuisine...offers poems to patrons. Becomes a hit with the local foodies.

(2) Food truck driver/chef/poet while playing in a big pile of leaves with her nephew (or niece) uncovers a dead body. Yuck. She knows who it is and hijinks ensue as she is suspected and has to clear her name. She names her food truck: Bug Juice and Mystery Meat. Becomes a hit with the local foodies.

(3) Food truck driver/chef realizes her special sauce induces a trance state. She sends her astral body all over the universe to get new recipes.

(4) Food truck driver/chef Protagonist suddenly finds herself in charge of a non-profit agency when the director promotes her just before dying of something that kills quickly and relatively painlessly, but it's a disease, so don't get all suspicious. Protagonist (P. for short) has to lead a ragtag team of misfits to accomplish great things all the while doubting herself.

oh good grief. I'll just start writing and see what happens.


Chrissy said...

It sounds like youre hungry lol and I like the first idea

Mair said...

"I'll just start writing and see what happens" - that, my friend, is the most FUN way to do NANO!

I wish I could take part this year, but life has conspired to sock me with the worst-ever workload of my

i'm just thinking about it.