Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Road Trip: Omaha's Got Art!

In Omaha, we had originally planned to go to the Henry Doorly Zoo, especially to visit the Scott Aquarium. But we got there kind of later than we had planned.

We had lunch at King Kong Gyros & Burgers across the street from the Zoo/Rosenblatt Stadium and then decided to go to the Joslyn Art Museum.

At the Joslyn we saw some incredible things...

I think I can link to this specific painting...I sent a request for permission to do so but have not heard back yet. I'll take the link down if I am told I can't but since this blog is not for profit, I can't imagine what problems I'll have with it. It's Makovsky's Russian Beauty and Cat. I thought it was stunning, the way the artist painted light into just about every pearl, on the fabric, on her face and on the cat's face. You will have to go there to see the painting itself and enjoy all the details up close.

There was also a Chihuly installation in the atrium between the modern pieces and the older ones.

Our visit was so short. I really wished I'd had more time there.

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Anna said...

I think you're safe just linking to the picture. If you actually published it on your own blog, you might have to figure out what qualifies as fair use and what doesn't, but I can't imagine getting into trouble for just linking to it on a website where it is being legally published.

That said, I'm not a lawyer.

Anyway, I'm glad you had fun in Omaha and saw the beautiful artwork. It occurs to me that you might like Santa Fe. There are a lot of artists there. On Canyon Road, there's perhaps a mile of art galleries. On Fridays, a lot of them will have art openings, where they encourage people to come look at their paintings, sculptures, and whatnot by serving food and drinks. :-)