Sunday, August 14, 2011

Road Trip: Long Way Around

We took a short road trip to Omaha this weekend. We had time constraints although I had requested Saturday and Sunday off. We knew that Omaha was a short trip north along the beautiful Missouri River.
What we hadn't counted on was the beautiful Big Muddy's floodwater being all over the highway and well, we had to take the long way around. Interstate 29 was closed north of Rock Port, and highways west of there were under water.
To me it was amazing, that with the record heat we'd had, the river hadn't gone down below flood stage in some places.

We did not mind the detours. We got to see some pretty farmland in western Missouri and Iowa, where the gently contoured terraces of crops were dotted with eerily beautiful wind turbines. That got us curious about wind turbines in general. How would you maintain them? Would you have to lift someone by helicopter or crane (or jet pack) in order to fix a broken turbine? The following video will help elucidate those eager to know:


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