Sunday, July 24, 2011

No Hormones? Know Peace

One of the most significant events for me has been menopause.
Before the Pause, I went through the Peri...wondering: do I get a signal, some official sign that it’s all going to stop? What are hot flashes like?

Little did I know the Peri is the signal. And it can last for years.

I won't bore you with how much I suffered with hot flashes or mood swings or memory problems. If you're a woman and you're reading this, and you're in good health, you'll get there sister. Oh yes!

I will however tell you what awaits on the other side:
No more cramps. No more monthly bleeding. Hardly any hormonal headaches. That's because you have hardly any of those handy hormones left. No more estrogen! None. Zip. Zero.

And that's where the peace comes in. I look at how much I was tormented by my libido: the crushes, the affairs (uh-oh, you didn't read this!), the inappropriate anger and jealousy over what?

Well, all those sex hormones are gone, gone, gone. I have to work to spark my libido and with my aging memory, I'll be getting into some sort of fantasy and all of a sudden...pop! the thoughts disappear and I'm thinking of the groceries...or the debt ceiling and then I'm looking at the ceiling and thinking, "We really need to get rid of those cobwebs...'

Without precious estrogen I can get brittle bones and lose protection for my circulatory system--because your cholesterol levels and blood pressure go up when estrogen goes away.

It's as if Nature is saying, "No more egg production? What good are you? Die, crone, die!!!"
And there are days when I think, "Yeah. I've had it. Goodbye cruel world in which I'm never going to be as hot and sexy as I once was!" (as if!)

But then, a friend of mine, who's been on the other side for many years now and is still alive, reminds me of all the good things and about living each day as it comes.

Ah the hell with it. I'm going to talk to my doctor about hormone replacement therapy.* I want my body back!

*hormone therapy is not without risks, though...

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