Sunday, September 12, 2010

Owl City!!

This is a picture of a Barred Owl in our backyard a few mornings ago. I shared this on Facebook and heard from a friend who lives a couple of miles away in the same town that she has one too in her neighborhood. We wonder if they're the same since, a Barred Owl can evidently cover lots of territory.

I understand that they are pretty aggressive in claiming territory and are pushing away the Spotted Owl in the west. My regrets, but I do not know if we can blame humans entirely on this, especially if it's in an owl's nature to compete for hunting territory.

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A-Z said...

Hey Blippin' Night Owl.
Funny thing your blog's name is Z Words..
Mine's A-Z (hebrew..)
Anyway nice to know you and follow your blips.
Here's to wonderful musical journeys full of new discoveries. Seeya ;)