Friday, August 06, 2010

Elephants & Leaving The Circus

I am not a vegetarian. I like my locally produced, hormone-free & free-range chicken and beef in moderation. And I generally have dissed People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, when I read or hear about extreme tactics. Once I got yelled at for trying to sell my grandmother's fur jacket on an online classified service. This was a zillion years ago, when all we had were campus BBS's and email. The respondent told me I was a killer.

Frankly it pissed me off that some college freshman was insulting me for trying to recycle this moth eaten old jacket. I had not purchased it; my grandmother had given it to me and it did not fit or suit me. It could, however, make someone very happy. For the record, it was Karakul or Persian Lamb, probably crafted in Asia Minor somewhere.

However, here is an article that showcases the best of PETA. The article, by my friend Andre DuBroc is about his decision to leave the circus, specifically Ringling Bros Barnum and Bailey. I think no matter what you think about PETA, or whether you are a vegetarian or not, his story will bring tears to your eyes and make you never want to take yourself or your children to the circus again.

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