Thursday, July 29, 2010

Those who support us

While we're thinking of entering writing competitions, here's a look at classical music competitions. The author reminds us of the time Martha Argerich walked away from a competition in which Ivo Pogorelich was competing. The judges eliminated him but Argerich championed him.

What do we do without those who champion us? Mentor us? Now, Pogorelich is brilliant and there's no question about it, but what would have happened if Argerich had not stood away and stood up for him?

Barbara Sher, the author of Wishcraft: How to get what you really want points out that people who achieve their desires have support: from cheerleaders to naggers to spouses who do the household stuff.

I thought about this as I wrestled our aging cat into his carrier for his annual trip to the vet, thinking all the time, "I'd much rather be writing and reading." I thought about how my spouse had never taken our kitty to the vet--he'd picked him up once, but never had he wrestled him into the carrier, made sure the A/C had been blasting in the car, attempted to soothe the kitty by singing and making small talk.

The point is, I am seamlessly slipping into the role I had when I was "just" a stay-at-home mom: Errand-Runner/Grocery-Getter. And it all takes time--but even when I was working 40-plus hours a week, I served in that role. I would have made the kitty's appointment for some time before or after work, or during a time when I might have had a morning off.

Now how do I get this out of my head?

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