Saturday, July 31, 2010

Reading Reptile

We went to Brookside today and picked up some children's books that I want to send to someone who has just had a baby. The Reading Reptile is the best children's book store in the world. It had been a while since I'd been in the store. I got to tell Pete I'd quit my job and was going to work on my great American YA novel. He suggested, what if I made it about an 8 year old girl--because one of my story ideas involves vampires and werewolves--and there's nothing for tweens about vampires. So they end up reading the stuff aimed at high school readers, like that dreck, Twilight.

Well, it might work. In reworking my NaNoWriMo novel from 2009, I changed it from an adult story to a YA story.

But anyway, I want to say a few really good words about the Reptile. Because if you're in town, I want you to go there. And buy stuff. Not just books, but they have cupcakes now, too. And Pete's, I mean, Albert Bitterman's book is coming out soon. It's a children's book, illustrated by Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Chris Raschka...oh wait, it's not the Nobel Peace Prize he won--it's the Caldecott. But in my not so humble opinion, it's just as good. Maybe even better.

Bill Harley, in his blog, writes about the Reading Reptile, and the sense of both comfort and vitality one can find in the store. Long may it flourish. And the cupcakes are delicious!

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