Tuesday, July 06, 2010

40 hours a day for what? A rant

I think it sucks, frankly.
The 40-hour work week. You spend 37.5 to 45 hours in a place that is not your own, with people you might never have chosen to spend all that time with. That is hell, my friends, true hell.

I mean most of us in this work cycle spend more time at work than with the people we love: our family and friends, our support network.

Now, you can love your job. Nice work if you can get it, but I think for the majority of us with many interests, doing any one thing for 40 hours a week is stultifying.

I offer this song:


Heart of the Mermaid said...

mail you this week..love Rue

Heart of the Mermaid said...

So true, by the way, your post..love Rue