Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nile Online

Nile Online is what I'm addicted to lately, what is taking up all my free time.
My excuse is that it helps me learn about resource allocation, but that's just bull. It's a fun way to spend a few hours or 24.
I trade with my fellow Nile players for resources and worry about whether my monument's safe from bullies and check to see how close I am to immortality.

It's fun in a way to trade resources you don't really have. In Sabah, the test-server for Nile Online, I have immense riches, amounts of material I never thought I'd ever have. Hey, anyone need 20k jewelry for 20k sandals? But in Theoris, the non-test server, I'm just an ordinary playah, with a modicum of material. Still I notice, I'm top of the heap in temple donations. In this economy, it's a pretty cheap way to feel rich.

I was really gung-ho about this game earlier this year. Now, not so much. And it's not like the cities are full of personalities like a Sim City or something. If I let the cities go, the people starve, soldiers dessert and the buildings look like crap. A friend of mine told me that "you need to have something fun in your life," since life is not providing the fun the way it used to. These are tough times and my job at the library seems tougher and much less fun than it ever has.

So here's to Nile Online and harmless geekiness.

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