Thursday, June 05, 2008

June Bugs

In case you have been hibernating, it's almost summer but the Summer Reading Program season is upon us. This year the theme is Catch the Reading Bug.

As far as bugs are concerned though, I'm wondering about fireflies. Lightning bugs. Evidently, they're a big deal in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Here's a link to synchronous firefly watching in the Smokies.

I'm researching this because it's been hot. It's been humid. Prime conditions for firefly viewing here in the great Midwest, but I'm wondering if our cooler than usual spring has had any effect. Where are our lightning bugs? One of the great joys of summer here is sitting on the front step with an icy beverage in hand and watching the fireflies.

Am I just impatient or do we have a problem here?

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DaddyMan said...

We're working on our reading log. :)

And I agree with the fireflys. This is probably the first year Little Blue could catch them without killing them and smearing bug goo everywhere, but they're in hiding.