Monday, April 28, 2008

Sometimes a cigar...

...just burns me up.

We stopped at a cafe yesterday and were very troubled by the sight of a three year old girl walking around the outside tables holding a cigar.

It turns out her dad was inside ordering an espresso and he'd asked her to hold his cigar for him. I was filled with utter loathing for this person--and I don't like being filled with utter loathing, but I really, really, really hate cigars.

To me they smell nasty and they're symbolic (phallicly, I guess) of an aggressive male type of behavior. And I generalize and I know it's bad but I figure the guy drives a Hummer and thinks its his god-given right to drive a big ass gas-guzzling macho-shithead of a car.

What the heck was he doing getting his 3 year old daughter to hold his LIT cigar so he could waltz inside and get an espresso?

I was so angry. I wanted to call the child abuse hotline. Should I have? 


DaddyMan said...

I tend to embarrass people more like that, like me being in the DMV.

I probably would have blurted out, "Look, that toddler is smoking a cigar" or "who gave that toddler a lit cigar" in a loud "look at that" voice.

Power of Peer Pressure usually leads to a self admission of stupidity, especially when we know Dad is stupid

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