Wednesday, April 16, 2008

April is cruel and it has nothing to do with taxes

This year, the branches are still bare even though it's past April 15th. We went for a walk last night, my spouse and I and it was a windy evening, although a little warm and springy feeling.

The bare branches tossing against that sunset sky with its seashell colors evoked February, not April. I felt kind of sad. I know that in a few neighborhoods, just south of where I live, the trees are leafing and the buds are budding. And truly, I hate it when it gets too hot too fast.

The Bradford pear trees in the city, my neighbor's ornamental cherry and one redbud have started to bloom. I miss my pink dogwood, though. Last year, killing frost destroyed the blooms. This year, I see the buds, but where are those lovely pink flowers?

I'm anxious. I'm not much of a gardener, so I rely on my trees.

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Anonymous said...

i hope you start getting amazing weather soon.