Thursday, November 29, 2007

51,000 words later...

Here's the end of my NaNo novel, Born Stellar:
Adam stepped in front of my mother and Jon. My mom just stood there with her jaw wide open. “She did some detective work,” he said. “Your daughter. I mean, our daughter found me and stayed with me. I thought she had your permission. I’m sorry, Essie, sorry for that and for everything.”
My mother was still looking at him as if she had never seen anything like him in the world. Then she said, “We’ll talk this over at some point, Adam. Right now, I want to get Stella home.”
Grandpa interrupted, “Why don’t we all come to our apartment. Zeesie’s made fresh cheese blintzes and I know that we’ll all have a lot of talking to do.”
Then Jon looked at me and said, “Stella, that’s a cool thing you’re wearing. What is it? A shirt? A jacket? Where did you get it?
Eli looked at me and winked. “Do tell, Stella.”
I took a deep breath, and looked at my father. He looked very amused. “You like this old thing?” I was tempted to say, “It’s a very long story,” but I knew my mom and half-brother wouldn’t understand.
I grabbed my father’s hand on one side, my mother’s on the other and instead I said, “I found it across the street, on a park bench.”

The End.

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