Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Post 9/11 Post

Wondering if I want to write an essay on my blog about September 11th, how it's become nine eleven, 9/11, Patriot Day (ugh).
Just some thoughts. Sparked by this:

How jarring it seems to me that yesterday's local baseball game (Royals vs. some other team what do I care) had members of the armed services participating--as the newspaper reported "to mark the sixth anniversary" of the terrorist attack on September 11th.

Does anyone besides me think this is out-of-whack? How sad it is that our men and women in the armed forces are risking their lives in Iraq and not helping our nation or Iraq for that matter? Iraq had nothing to do with the September 11th terrorist attacks. And yet, a baseball game commemorates the date with honor to the armed services.

It was civilians mostly, civilians. It could be called Civilian Day. National Memory Day. Anything but Patriot Day and anything but armed services day.

Yes, I know the Pentagon got hit--with a lot of civilian casualties there too. The civilian deaths outweighed...but every one of those deaths is a tragedy to those left behind to grieve

I will say no more on that right now. All day yesterday, I'm writing the date on slips of paper we use for holds and no-one I'm sitting next or talking to is talking about it. And yesterday was a Tuesday, like it was 6 years ago and here, at least, with sparkling clear weather, like it was 6 years ago. And Rosh Hashanah is starting tonight, close to the date it started 6 years ago (maybe a day off).

And the world seems so old and sad.

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