Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hallmark Enters the 21st Century

At last!

I live in a part of the world where Hallmark rules. I happen to like buying Hallmark cards and products in part because I'm helping to pay the salaries of the some of the creative people who work there. The artists and writers who create Hallmark cards are not "sell-outs" as you might think. They are people who have chosen to work in a more structured environment, one that pays pretty well, but can be creatively stifling from time to time.

So it was exciting for me to see that Hallmark has a blog. Specifically, a Shoebox blog. Check out the Limericks and the Newsdroppings feature. Also be on the lookout for musical files coming up.

These guys get paid to write the cards that make you giggle or pull at your heartstrings (well, not the Shoebox people), but here they are goofing around just like any other humorous bloggers. I'm so happy. I hope Corporate does not pull the plug on the blog.

Like anyone reads my blog, but still...

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