Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Morning (for real) in America

For real.
Here in Kansas, we gained a Democratic Attorney General, Paul Morrison--a decent lawman if ever there was one.

Nancy Boyda also won in the 2nd Congressional district (corrected from my earlier post--I thought it was the 4th district) over Jim Ryun.

Just across the state line, stem-cell research can proceed unimpeded. And Claire McCaskill beat Jim Talent narrowly to become a US Senator.

oh life is sweet right now. And I'm not giving anyone the finger.


taming said...

I remember when Talent was working on welfare reform and proposed that moms on welfare who didn't make progress with returning to work should have their kids taken away from them and placed in state institutions.

I am almost as pleased that he was not elected as I am that Rumsfeld resigned.

Anonymous said...

Nancy Boyda is KS-02. A great day for Kansans, Missourians, and Americans.

Eri said...

thanks for the correction, Anonymous!

Yes an absolutely wonderful day!!!!

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