Thursday, November 30, 2006

Be Here Now

I'm thinking ahead to when I am no longer in school. I'm thinking ahead to all the extra time I'll have when I'm not agonizing about finding a job.

I'm thinking about roasting coffee, like my friend Ms. Taming over at Taming Coffee. She has a small home roaster, but for larger amounts of beans, she uses a breadmaking machine, a heat gun, a fan and sieve (those latter items for cooling the beans).

That could be one hobby.

Another hobby that might be worth pursuing is pencil collecting. I do have a small collection, including some unwrapped, mint-in-the wrapper Simpsons pencils. I joke that it's my son's inheritance, but I think they're not that rare.

Of course, it might be possible to write a complete novel during the month of November next year if I no longer have any papers, journaling, projects due for school.

Well, just being able to get to sleep without anxiety over what is due this week and next will be the best thing in the world. which makes me ponder about whether or not I should just let go and live my life now as if I am no longer in school.

The Tibetan Buddhist mandala, above I found at a website for Cosmic Geometry. My apologies that I cannot give further attribution for the image.

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Vicki said...

Yup, roasting coffee, ummmmm.