Monday, October 30, 2006

Politics As Usual

I have a new bumper sticker (okay 2 new ones) on my car. One has a local candidate's name. The other is more specific: "De-Kline Kansas: Vote Moderately." (Kline is the current Attorney General for Kansas--he is an extremist about certain things, IMHO)

And someone gave me the finger. I'm sure I was not driving like a lunatic at the time. So it must be the new bumper stickers.

You know, I never, no matter how much I feel like it, give anyone the finger while driving. What is it about someone that makes them feel they can give me the finger? What makes someone so threatened by seeing an opinion on a car?

A friend said that "the finger" is to intimidate and bully. Might the Finger Guy have felt intimidated by the words on my car?

It's the polarized political climate. These may be midterm elections and here in Kansas we are re-electing a Democratic governor and in my neighborhood, a Democratic congressional representative. Also, there are a few moderate Republicans out there who welcome bi-partisan, or multi-partisan legislative efforts. But it seems that there are more yard signs than ever before and more bumper stickers.

To fit all mine on, I had to cover my old Kerry-Edwards bumper sticker. Maybe the Finger Guy was mad about that.


Anonymous said...

But where'd you get the "De-Kline Kansas" sticker? I need one! ... Or a thousand!

Remember... "Phill Kline is Watching You"

Eri said...

heh! I don't really remember where I got the bumper sticker--it might have been at a Democratic headquarters...might have been at store that sells southwestern style stuff on Johnson Drive...

I have a new car now and I've sworn off bumper stickers.

Maybe I'll get banners instead.