Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Librarians are still nerds...

...but nerds are cool.
In this world, anyway.
My profession is a nerdy one. It always has been, whether we librarians have been book-oriented or information-oriented. Electronic media, computers and all the stuff we do with them, like blog about it--it's just like having a bunch of books on shelves that we talk about, tag and catalog. Whether we use technorati, clusty or z39...I mean who are we fooling?

I don't know, maybe it's because we are so involved in information transfer,that the 2.0 world (and soon the 3.0 world) is relatively easy for us to move around in.

Is that really cool? Or is it just more of the same? Maybe we no longer shush, some of us are pierced and tattooed, some of us don't wear sensible shoes--but we're still computer geeks and nerds! In an earlier age, we were book geeks and nerds.

Feeling uncharacteristically unhappy about all this. Maybe because I am not technologically fluent--not as native as others whose blogs I read. I want to be like them, but not entirely. I still want to be able to relate to people whose computer literacy is nascent or even unawakened.

And yet I'm impatient with people who wish we had a card catalog (we do--it's in the computer) and who think that computers'll take the place of books (they won't--they're a long way from being cozy to snuggle up with in bed)

I am also just feeling cranky. Must be the weather. Currently 57 degrees (F) and overcast.

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