Friday, September 15, 2006

Banned Books Week is coming!!!

For more information on Banned Books Week, visit this ALA page.

It's amazing to me what people challenge. I mean Captain Underpants--c'mon you just got to be kidding! This one is my favorite Captain Underpants story. It's got the coolest name generator. Dav Pilkey, the author says, on his website:
"The thing about name-calling is that it's totally based on your given name. Obviously, somebody named Johnny Butts is going to be teased a lot more than somebody named Larry Drake. But what if there was a chart which would level the playing field? What if you could take anybody's name, regardless of whether it was funny or not, and insert it into an equation which made everybody's name equally ridiculous? That way, nobody would be singled out. Larry Drake could no longer make fun of Johnny Butts (because Booger Bubbletush is just as stupid as Poopsie Toiletfanny)."

So read Captain Underpants and change your outlook on life!

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