Monday, March 20, 2006

Age, Time, and Labor

So, it's been a while.

I'm pondering life and librarianship. I realize that if I get an MLS-worthy job when I get my MLS, I'll have barely enough time to work before a mandatory retirement age at 65.

I am also thinking of how I am new in my profession but older in years than many of my classmates and colleagues. Even though I am not as nimble a blogger as many of them, I still embrace this technology. I am not threatened by it.

Will that make me competitive enough? I read other library blogs--okay this is not a real library or librarian blog--it's my blog and there's some library slant to it, but not all that much. I mean, when I read other blogs, I wonder at how people get to the point where they write what they are writing.

What other tools do I need besides my brain and my laptop?


CW said...

What else do you need? A positive attitude, which I think you already have :) (Sorry if this sounds condescending, I don't mean it to)

Hello from Perth, Western Australia!

Eri said...

Hiya CW--keep reading--it's getting better all the time...