Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I remember Clifford the Big Red Dog

This post is actually about my autistic son. Clifford is only tangential.

I'm doing whatever it is in the kitchen and I hear in the background, my almost-15-year old son chattering to himself. He's creating dialog for a pretend live action movie of Clifford, the Big Red Dog.
He's uncanny in imitating the voices from the tv show, the show's theme song. He fades up music from iTunes at appropriate places and hums tunes in others.
The main music he uses for this "movie" is "Somewhere Out There,"from "An American Tail." It's a haunting, sweet pop ballad.

He hums it as the action demands: Clifford is feeling sad and guilty about something he was supposed to do for the little girl who cares for him. Suddenly my son shifts his humming into minor key.

He knows, he understands music and how it works. Will he be able to harness his knowledge and love? How much do we push him?

His abilities constantly surprise us.

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