Thursday, November 03, 2005

Alito and Oil

What do Alito and Big Oil have to do with one another...just some thoughts.

Of course with Alito on the bench, the atmosphere for big bidness will probably open up even more than it has with the restriction-fearing Republicans.
But I’m truly more afraid that their Democratic counterparts will be powerless to resist. The era of big government is over and we're neck deep in the era of big business.

In any event, I suspect the Democrats are showing more guts lately, despite the disheartening news about the Senate allowing drilling for oil in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge. This from the Washington Post:
The Senate today moved closer to allowing oil companies to drill in an Alaskan wildlife refuge, narrowly defeating a provision that would have removed drilling authority from a massive budget reconciliation bill.

The entire package is scheduled for a vote later today, and the House plans to vote on its version of the bill next week. The two versions must then be reconciled by a House-Senate conference committee.

By a 51-48 vote, the Senate defeated an amendment sponsored by Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) that would have stripped the bill of a provision authorizing oil and gas drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).

The Senate subsequently voted 86-13 to bar any exportation of oil eventually produced from the refuge, requiring instead that it be used domestically to help lower the nation's dependence on foreign oil.

And hearings on Alito won't begin until January. Plenty of time to keep focused.


bennett said...

Join Cantwell to Protect Puget Sound from Big Oil Tankers

Washington, D.C. -- Maria Cantwell is working to protect Puget Sound from a top Senate Republican's efforts to open the Sound up as a super-port for oil to be shipped overseas and across the country.

Republican Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska, the very same Senator who defeated Maria Cantwell's efforts to defend the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from drilling, has quietly introduced a bill in the Senate to permit high-volume oil tankers to dock in the Puget Sound, making Washington's pristine waterways and coastlines at risk for oil spills and tanker traffic.

In response to Stevens' legislation, Cantwell not only vowed to stop the bill, but emailed Washingtonians to warn them of the threat our state faces.

"We have to show Senator Stevens that Washington state won't stand by silently and let one of our greatest treasures fall to the whims of greedy oil companies," said Cantwell in her email. "Please join me in signing this petition to keep the Magnuson Amendment in place and protect Washington's waterways and coastlines from being overrun with oil tankers."

In 1977, Washington's Senator Warren Magnuson moved to protect Puget Sound against just such a move with the Magnusson Amendment which limited oil tanker traffic in Puget Sound and kept the Cherry Point Refinery near Bellingham focused on meeting the energy needs of our state, not the rest of the country.

Stevens' secretive plan will reverse important protections that both Republicans and Democrats in Washington have supported for decades. Senator Stevens is working for the oil companies and against Washington state – helping oil companies increase their profits, while putting one of Washington state's greatest treasures at risk.

SIGN CANTWELL'S PETITION: Visit and join Maria Cantwell in the fight to protect Puget Sound.

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