Thursday, October 06, 2005

Time to leave Kansas...

I know I'm not the only one, but here's the reason why: The Kansas Board of Ed just picked a lawyer--a lobbyist--who is for the most part, against public education to be the state education commissioner. Here's a link to the latest misstep on the part of the Kansas Board of Education.
As if denigrating evolution isn't enough--

A colleague and I discussed this and in the light of corporate policy it makes perfect sense. You know what I'm talking about--it's when a corporation--whether publicly or privately funded perhaps deliberately, mismanages its operations so it can shut down and file for bankruptcy or claim other tax relief. Because its operations are not profitable or don't meet the corporate standards...I could go on.

The Kansas Board of Ed has a conservative majority--although the word conservative does not do this board's actions justice.
They are radical in imposing their misinformed views on the public.

We discussed if they succeed in infusing religion (=Fundamental Christianity) into the public schools, we wondered how they would do it?
Assuming they'd be fair and include all religions, the school year would have to be a full year to accomodate all the holidays and observances. School lunches would have to have separate meat & dairy kitchens with kosher food for Jewish students and provide halal meat for Muslim students. Think how long the day would be with all those times for prayer. Jews pray 3 times a day and Muslims, 5.

And let's not forget the competing sects of Christianity...whose version of the liturgy would they include--or have to include all? Would Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, etc students be excused from various Saints days observances? Or would that be considered exclusion...

But you know--they don't want to be fair. They want their version of what they think a deity said. They think that deity's name is Jesus--who happened to be a nice Jewish boy. And they think you're going to hell if you don't believe the way they do.

Damn. You know, I'm Jewish, proud of it and even though I don't think this Jesus guy is god, my guess, since he was a co-religionist, he'd probably be as upset as I am that there are people trying to impose their idolatrous religion on the public.


calgal said...

I had strong feelings about religion in school when I was in the states too. Here though there are several different kinds of publicly funded schools--every district has both a Catholic School Board for the Catholic Schools and a Public Board for the non-Catholic schools, which may include Christian fundamentalist schools, Jewish schools etc. It seems to work just fine, and parents can choose a school that has aw much, or as little, religion in it as they want.

It's just a different system. And there is no danger that kids will get stuck in a place that is steeped in a religious culture foreign to their own.


Eri said...

Vicki--that seems wise to me.
I'm still considering emigrating

So FL Gal said...

I'm one of those parents that don't believe 1) Religion in schools, and 2) teaching our children that being gay is a sin.

What that does to a child that is coming into acceptance of her sexuality, only to be told she's an abomination of the human race... just doesn't cut it for me.


Eri said...

Lynne--you are so right.

Right now, Kansas is also considering a law that would allow people to opt in or opt out of sex ed. for their kids.
Currently there's nothing about birth control just lots of scary pictures about what happens if you get venereal disease! And of course nothing to help children come to terms with who they are sexually--whether gay or not.