Monday, October 17, 2005

Migraine Remedy/Belchless in Kansas

I had a terrible migraine on Yom Kippur. Not as a result of, but starting the night before and laying me low for all the holy day.

I told my son's trumpet teacher about this and he told me his wife gets migraine with aura. As soon as she has the aura, she chugs a can of something carbonated (he said, "Sprite," but I don't know why it couldn't be a beer...) and then lets out a mighty belch, sleeps for half an hour and she's fine.

So, anyone reading this--is this a documented remedy for migraine? I don't get the aura, myself (I have common migraine (scroll down)).

I wish I could make myself belch. I can't I've never been able to do that. I tried chugging a can of fizzy water just to see what would happen--and it swelled my stomach and I flet uncomfortable for the rest of the morning.

Couldn't belch.


calgal said...

I wish I had a great solution for migraine. Heck, I wish I could belch. OTOH, it's always nice to knw that there are still a few skills out there for us to master.


Z Z Top said...

I've had the worst migraine for the last few days, I'd be willing to try anything. I'm stuck in bed playing word games